Elevator Pitch: Instructions and Rubric

See More Tips and Guidelines from Dennis Halterman, USDA_ARS, below the Rubric

(The following is from Dennis Halterman, USDA-ARS,

who uses it to train staff and students. For our purposes, these "Helpful Tips"

pertain to both Elevator Talks and Lightening Talks.  CSB36_190320)


Plants are the foundation of life on Earth. Facilitating an informed public on matters that affect food and water systems - climate change, food equity and availability, water rights and access, and other sustainability and social justice issues - is imperative if we are to feed 10 billion people by 2100.

Dr. Carlyn Buckler teaches courses in plant science, science communication and digital technologies at the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University. Her background as a maize geneticist and in  science communication, has led to a career in teaching about, assessing and facilitating the public understanding of science. Communicating science effectively to various cultures, demographics, and stakeholders is an integral part of our curriculum.  The courses are designed to empower undergraduate and graduate students to use leadership, technology and communication skills to further science research, reach under-served audiences, and engaging local, national and international communities in understanding the value of supporting healthy ecosystems and advances in agriculture to ensure food security and equity throughout the world. 

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